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Brand PetchPanTra : Milano Jewelry

We are the leading manufacturing in Thailand for costume Jewelry Qualiry and Design.


Our Jewelry Products from CZ diamond grade AAA is the most beautiful and most perfectly diamond.

We are selected Perfect CZ diamond, design by Jewelry designer and production

in own manufacturing.


Jewelry body made by Sliver and Brass material depend on customer need,

we also provide CZ color diamond which are blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, ruby, emerald etc.

Heart & Arrow58คัต

Which is round diamond shape also available in Heart & Arrow 57 cut and Limited diamond

spectacular light up to 101 cut

All of diamond shape such as Emerald, tear drop, heart diamond etc.



perfect diamonds ... imported from Belgium manufactory, one of the most famous

diamonds in the world.

Cut creative works through Italian Designer.


Main focus of our costume jewelry is the production quality, all products from Thai made

from handcraft. Taking care and QC all process


Jewelry Concept design features.

The Classsic Design & Limited Edition Design.


Diamind ..... Conveys luxury.

Thousands ..... Design expresses the difference.

Brand ..... Pointed out to your taste.


Pride to DIAMOND on your hand with reasonable price by : "PetchPanTra"


***Franchise Opportunity for International **

Small Order are welcome / International wholesale are very welcome / OEM


Orderdetails :

New owned Design (mixed size : MOQ 50 pcs / design

Available design (mixed design) : MOQ 20 pcs / design


Our Jewelries 6 months warrantee exchange or return, Also Lifetime service.